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fixlevel screw spacer.jpg
Screw Spacer

Fixlevel screw spacer made by a special formula to target best durability and break point after use.

best performance under ultimate cold and hot weather.

available for all tiles 3-13mm and extra thick tiles 13-23mm.

available in 3 different thickness as:

1mm screw spacer - 2mm screw spacer - 3mm screw spacer.


screw spacer 100pcs per bag


screw spacer 250pcs per bag


screw spacer 500pcs per bag

sets in plastic buckets :

set 100 : 100pcs screw spacer, 100pcs caps

set 250 : 250pcs screw spacer, 250pcs caps

box includes 3.000pcs spacer clips as :

100pcs/bag X 30 bags in box

250pcs/bag X 12 bags in box

500pcs/bag X 6 bags in box 

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